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IceLeaders Gatherings 2008/2009



Information & Directions

To get more information click on the event in dark blue or just scroll down to see each one. For maps click the light blue.

Dec 13th - The Northlander - Fish Lake-Duluth MN
Dec 20th - Maple Harvest - Maple Lake- Maple Lake MN
Jan 3rd - Sarah Saturday - Lake Sarah-Garvin, MN
Jan 10th - Lizzie Roundup - Lake Lizzie - Detroit Lakes, MN
Jan 10th - Boji Bonanza - Lake Okoboji-West Okoboji, IA
Jan 24th - Tetonka Rendezvous - Lake Tetonka-Waterville, MN
Jan 31st - Burntside Bash - Burntside Lake-Ely, MN
Feb 21st-22nd - Packin for Perch. - Lake Gogebic-Bergland Michigan
Feb 21st - Future FMer's - South Center Lake, Hazeldon Bay-Center City MN
Feb 28th - Cool Cats - Horseshoe Chain-Richmond MN

IceLeaders Member Run Gatherings

Dec 13th - The Northlander - MAP: Fish Lake-Duluth MN
Hosted by: Steve Sutherland "Northlander"-218-348-5532
We will be meeting at Hi-Banks Resort on Fish Lake just North of Duluth Sat. morning and hitting the ice around 7am. Those who want to go out earlier for the morning bite are welcome to do so on their own.

Bait, Tackle,coffee, food, beverages, propane and lodging are all available right at Hi-Banks. For lodging info call Tim or Kim at 218-721-3355. Please support Hi-Banks they wave the road fee for our events and donate prizes.

Those attending can plan on targeting any of these species of fish.

  • Walleye- -Good population of eating sized eyes with a few nicer ones tossed in too.
  • Panfish- - Fish Lake has a awesome panfish population at this time. Best in over 20 years.
  • Northern Pike-- These guys are all over the lake.
  • Largemouth Bass-- Not many but when they show up they are nice.
  • Perch-- Lots of these in all types of year classes. Some real nice ones too.
  • Crappie-- Hard to corner but when you get on them they are nice.

DIRECTIONS To Hi-Banks Resort on Fish Lake FROM DULUTH
Take Hwy 53 North out of Duluth to LaVaque Rd. (48) Go Right on La Vaque Rd and follow for about 15-20 minutes and you will cross over Fish Lake. Continue to the 4 way stop at the Freedenberg Minno-Ette gas/bait shop. (Fill up sleds,wheelers etc. here) Take a left at the 4 way stop and go about 3 miles and take the 1st left and follow about 2 miles and you will seee Hi-Banks Resort sign on your left. Plenty of parking in the lot.

We will barbeque on the ice about noon. BYO Food and Beverages. Hand held radios are nice to have so we can keep in contact with those who may get into a nice batch of fish or need help. Cel phones also are nice and my # is listed above.

This event is always a good time and more and more people attend every year. I and several others will be staying at Hi-Banks Friday night so stop by if your in town early. Hope to see ya there.

Dec 20th - Maple Harvest - MAP: Maple Lake- Maple Lake MN
Hosted by: Jason Schade (Bass-n-Spear)
The time is getting closer and closer everyday to the hard season! Time to get them protables out and get them ready to roll for another spearing season.

Our 3rd Annual Spearing Outting is going to be held at Maple Lake for the whole day. Family, Kids, whoever wants to come is more then willing to spend a day in the darkhouse!

This is a great event for people that have never done it before. If you dont have any equipment that allows you to get out, im sure there is going to be people there that day that will be able to let you hang out in there house for a day. Last year i believe we ended up with 7 houses there, which was great to cover a lake, and learn from one another about what there doing, vs what you are doing!

Jan 3rd - Sarah Saturday - MAP: West Lake Sarah county park, Lake Sarah-Garvin, MN
Hosted by: Eric Wettschreck, aka boilerguy
Mark your calendars, folks, because here we go again! The first ever Sarah Saturday was such a success we're going to do it again. Bring on the cold, bring on the ice, and bring on the second annual Sarah Saturday, an HSO get together, January 3, 2009.

Bundle up the kids, the wife, the girlfriend, Uncle Wally, and grandpa Bob and come join the fun on one of Minnesota's best producing perch and walleye lakes. Lake Sarah is the gem of southwest Minnesota, and we're going to attack it, FM get together style. Entry fee' We don't need no stinkin' entry fee! This isn't a tournament, although a side bet or two may come into play. Sarah Saturday, like the other FM get togethers, is open to the public - everyone is invited to join in on the fun.

If you don't know about Lake Sarah, this is the best way to find out about the treasures she can give up. The DNR is still trying to figure why a prairie pothole has such a healthy population of perch, crappie, and walleye, all with natural reproduction. This healthy population of fish means bobbers down and flags up for us!!!

We'll follow the great Minnesota tradition of pot luck, so bring a dish to share. We'll have grills and campstoves on the ice if you want to slap some meat on the grill. Along with family, food, fun, and fishing we'll have Hot Spot Outdoors/ Fishing Minnesota Pro-Staff present to help make sure everyone has a good time, offer tips and tricks, show off some of the years new ice products, and drop in a line.

We'll meet at the Northwest landing at 7 a.m., meet and greet, and hit the lake. Or, you can trickle onto the lake anytime you like. You can get to the landing from HWY 59 by taking cty 16 west approx 4 miles, north on 201st street about 1 mile, then east on 216th for about a half mile.

Don't forget your camera! See you there!

Any questions regarding this event should be directed to the SW Minnesota Ice Fishing Forum

Jan 10th - Lizzie Roundup - Lake Lizzie-Detroit Lakes, MN
Hosted by: J.P. Lipton "DEADhead" (roughfisher[email protected]) & Peter Prodanov "Fisherdog19" [email protected]

Come join the fun again this year chasing crappies, sunfish, walleye, bass, and northern pike on Lake Lizzie, Saturday January 10, 2009. We will meet at the public access at 9 am.

Lake Lizzie is located 17 miles south of Detroit Lakes, and 7 miles north of Pelican Rapids. The public access is located one mile east off of US Highway 59, along the west shoreline of the lake. From US Hwy 59, take 460th St east for 1 mile. When you come to the "T" at the end of the road, the public access is located 100 feet to the right of the junction, on 220th Ave. We will wait at the access until 9:30 am, and then proceed on to the ice as a group. Latecomers are welcome to meet out on the ice.

From the MN DNR Lake information report:
Lizzie Lake is a popular angling lake during both the open water and ice fishing seasons. The lake is best known for its excellent bluegill, black crappie, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye fishing. Data from recent lake surveys indicate these species are abundant and have good size distributions.

Feel free to bring whatever you'd like to eat and drink; food and beverage will not be provided.

This event is open to everyone; bring your wife, children, friends and anyone else you would like. This is a great opportunity to meet and fish with other Fishing Minnesota members and a chance to meet new people and share fishing tips and stories.

Any questions regarding this event should be directed to the Detroit Lakes & Pelican Rapids Area forum. Check in for more info and last minute details as the event approaches. We hope to see you there!

Jan 10th - Boji Bonanza - Lake Okoboji-West Okoboji, IA
Hosted by: Chris Krull (PerchPounder)
You are all invited to come and have some fun with the FM/HSO/IceLeaders crew at the first annual 'Boji Bonanza January 10th at 8am at Emerson Bay on the SW side of West Lake Okoboji right off of Highway 86.

Get your eyes ready to peer into the crystal blue waters and get set for panfish heaven!!! You might even encounter the sighting of a 50 inch Musky while you sight fish for slab crappies, big bull gills, and we can even find a shelf in deeper water and sight fish some fantastic walleye!!! All you need to do is show up!

We will meet at the parking lot of Emerson Bay and try to keep traffic on the lake to a minimum as the crystal blue lake can yield some spooky pannies. In a group or spreading to cover some ground, the weed beds to the sandy flats can produce a real BONANZA of fish. We will fish the morning, take a break and join to gather some information on presentations that work on 'Boji and grab a bite to eat together.

If you have never fished the Iowa Great Lakes, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!

So get your finesse plastics ready and lets fish the first ever 'BOJI BONANZA with FishingMinnesota - HotSpotOutdoors - IceLeaders

West Lake Okoboji is the second largest in the chain of lakes at 3,850 acres with depths up to 134'. It is one of Iowa's most popular lakes because the subterranean springs that make the water clear blue. It is one of only three true blue water lakes in the world. This glacial lake was created by the Wisconsin Glacier nearly 4,000 years ago.

For those looking for shut eye accommodations, please contact our Friends of Fishing Minnesota the Northland Inn. Be sure to tell them you are coming for the FM event.

Boji Gathering Forum
Check in for more info and last minute details as the event approaches. We hope to see you there! Jan 24th - Tetonka Rendezvous - MAP: Lake Tetonka-Waterville, MN
Hosted by: Tom Hatlestadt
Once again we will have the get together at the beach on the east side of the lake on lake TeTonka on Saturday Jan. 24th, 2008 between 9am and 4pm. This is a great lake for multi species and the bite is usually very good. Last year the bite was excellent and many attended and had a great time. This is a great chance to meet and fish with all the Ice Leaders members attending and a chance to meet many new people and learn a thing or two about ice fishing for the beginner or for that matter all. Bring your wife, friends and anyone else you would like.

On your way there you could also stop in at Reel fishing & tackle and pick up the hot bait as the gang at Reel Fishing & tackle is always on top of the hot bite news.

Fish one can expect to catch are sunnies, crappies, perch, walleye and maybe a northern or two.

As far as lunch one can bring your own food and drink. If someone offers to bring a grill then some could also bring food to grill for a hot lunch.

I hope to see you all there for a great day on the lake. Lets make this event the event of the year.

Jan 31st - Burntside Bash - MAP: Burntside Lake-Ely, MN
Hosted by: Frank DeLuca([email protected])

Burntside Lake is Northern MN. set on the outskirts of Ely. Van Vac access.

Brainchild of ChunkyTrout, it all started 7 years ago as an informal FM get together on Burtnside Lake. The theme, fish for Lake Trout, but more importantly a meet and greet social event.

An event you can put those names to faces. A place of good will and friendships made, and revisited and of coarse the Lake Trout. A group effort to make, what is the Bash.

Since the 1st Burntside Bash it has grown in popularity, has had some fluff added, contests, benefit, and prizes but the theme has always stayed the same comradery on the ice and Lake Trout.

This years Bash will much like the 1st Burntside Bash, spartan only of the fluff but much of the comradery. Let me say as with all HSO/FM get together you all have an invite to join in. After all thats what the Bash is about.

When you organize an on ice event In Northern MN in January your at the mercy of Mother Nature. We've encountered -20 temps, slush, and deep snow in previous Bashs but the show went on. A Big Thanks goes out to those that lended a hand and helped make that possible.

This thread will grow between now and the Bash.
Some things that I anticipate I'll thow out there now.
I'll use the word volunteer a lot, we need members to lend a hand, get involved this is your Bash too.

Ice Travel.
We won't know till a week before the Bash what mode of travel we'll need on the ice. I will note that if at all possible you should bring your own snowmobile or can borrow one please do if the conditions call for that. Folks needing rides out on the ice. We'll need volunteers to do that. If you need a ride have your gear secure for the ride out. Use this thread to get hooked up with a volunteer driver.

If your new to lake trout fishing and Burtnside try and get into a group with an experienced leader. Which brings up the subject, we could use some volunteers for group leaders.

This will be a BYO deal for food. As this threads moves along we might see folks volunteering to bring a grills.

As usual we'll meet in the morning at HQ and filter off onto the lake. Then meet up again in the afternoon and socialize, perhaps grill, tell lies and compare stories. We'll set a time as we get closer to the Bash along with up to date details.

Stfcatfish has posted Bside Bash directions map and a link to a high resolution directions map here you can download and print to get to the Bash. For a detailed Burntside Lake map, go here so you can look closely and pick some spots.

Lets begin the Lake Trout Tips, Tricks, and Tactics.

BWCAW-Duluth-Ely-Range board - Use this thread to prepare for the Bash and get your juices flowing for trout of the Laker Variety.- Click here on Fishing Minnesota for updates as the day draws nearer.

Also use that board and the search feature to find out about laker techniques and tackle.

Don't forget your ($8) trout stamp, and we'll see you there — where we'll have more fun!

February 21st-22nd - Packin for Perch - MAP: Lake Gogebic-Bergland Michigan

Meeting Place : Maple Ridge Motel 7AM Est on the 21st.

As for eats there are a lot of good, but not cheap supper clubs on the lake, we can also have the owners of Maple Ridge Motel set up there Weenie Wagon and fry up some grub. Drive time from the Cities is about 4.5hrs. Don't worry about Drop Downs unless you want to sleep in them, I promise you will not be able to drive on the lake.

I just hope we have a year like last year, expect to leave a fish or 2 to be mounted, Gus and Nettie do a great job. Make sure you are set up with light tackle, a spring bobber is a must. I usually use 2-4lb test. the lake is stained so cameras are pretty much useless unless the sun is high and we don't have alot of snow.

Hope to see you there, if you have any questions let me know,

[email protected]

Feb 21st - Future FMer's - South Center Lake, Hazeldon Bay-Center City MN
Last year was the first year and it was a blast. The name last year was Baby FMer's Get Together, but with the suggestion of my buddy Rob and consulting with Deitz, decided to change the name to Future FMer's as it isn't just for the itty bitty kids. Had a bunch of kids and parents come out last year as well as quite a few volunteers. Had a bunch of help from Deitz and Shackbash as well as my buddy Rob (TroyMcLure). We were originally scheduled for Jan 19th as well and weather delayed the event until February 23rd, which also ended up being the same day as SlabFest. Anyone is welcome but it will be catered towards letting the kids have fun on the ice and teaching them a few tricks along the way. I already have a list of people that plan to attend again as well as helping out.

Hope to see a few familiar faces and meet some new ones too.

Click here for more detailed info and ask questions about the South Center lake get-together.

Feb 28th - Cool Cats - MAP: Horseshoe Chain-Richmond MN
Hosted by: Darren Troseth - aka: DTRO
I’d like to invite anyone and everyone to one of the most popular events of the season, “Cool Cats”!

Bring the whole family and join us for a great day on the ice.
We will start the day out at sun-up and catch some catfish. We will have holes drilled and folks on hand to share tips and techniques.

At noon we will have a fish fry and pot luck lunch. Catfish will be on the menu! Bring your favorite dishes to share.

From I 94 near St Cloud take hwy 23 west to Richmond. Then go south on hwy 22. Use the winter access noted on the map if you will be driving on.(2nd access south of 23) Snowmobiles and ATV can use the DNR access.(first access heading south from 23)

We will meet at the Methane Hole. (We'll have a map posted - Click Here)

Don't miss this very popular event.
Come for the day, or just stop on by for a while.


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